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We have following accessories for our high quality trampolines. The accessories make our trampolines safer, more beautiful and more convenient when the users play on our trampolines.

We use good materials to make the accessories in order to assort with the quality of our trampolines.

Item: Colourful frame pad
Size: Diameter 16ft, 15ft, 14ft, 13ft,12ft, 10ft, 8ft and 6.5ft.
Colour: Solid colour: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red.
2 colours: Yellow-blue.
4 colours: Yellow-green-blue-red.
Material: The whole pad is made of high-density PVC fabric.
Pad is constructed of closed cell EPE foam which is inside of cover.
Advantages: More beautiful and more choices.

Item: Weather cover
Size: Diameter 16ft, 15ft,14ft, 13ft,12ft, 10ft and 8ft.
Use: The weather cover can be used for keeping leaves and other debris off the surface of trampoline.
Material: Durable weather-proof UV resistant Nylon fabric with coating.
Nylon clips on the edge of cover to fix it onto trampoline firmly.
Advantages: Easy to set up.
Our innovative design makes the cover can be set up together with safety enclosure.

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Item: Ladder
Size: For all sizes of trampolines.
Use: The user can climb on and get down trampoline easily.
Material: Galvanized steel pipe in diameter 32mm..
Advantages: Easy to set up.
Fit all trampolines.
Designed for stronger and more stable.

Item: Tie down kit
Size: For all sizes of trampolines.
4 pcs each set.
Use: Tie down kits can keep your trampoline securely in place.
Material: Silvery zinced steel hook.
1" black heavy duty straps.
Advantages: Easy to set up.
Fits all trampolines.

Item: Shoe bag
Size: 14ft, 12ft and 10ft.
Use: The users can put their shoes, water bottles and other small things into the shoe bag when they play on trampoline.
Material: Weather-proof UV resistant net.
Advantages: More convenient to users.
The air can go through the holes of net. Thus, the shoe bag will not shaking in wind.

Item: Safety skirt
Size: 14ft, 12ft and 10ft.
Use: The safety skirt can keep other persons away from the bottom of jumping mat.
Material: Weather-proof UV resistant net.
Advantages: Safer to the other persons when the user is jumping on trampoline.

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