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The mini trampoline has been a popular piece of exercise equipment for a long time now. It allows for a healthy, progressive exercise in the comfort of the home or office, and provides low impact aerobic exercise helping to prevent injury. The mini trampoline offers a great way to enjoy an aerobic workout which will result in improved strength, co-ordination and balance.

Size: Diameter 32", 36", 38", 40", 45", 48", 54" and 68".
Frame: Powder-coated steel pipe.
25mm x 1.5mm steel pipe.
Leg: Powder-coated steel pipe.
Ø25mm x 2.0mm steel pipe.
Spring cover: PU leather or PVC fabric + foam.
Spring: Straight springs or cone-compressed springs.
Jumping mat: Top quality polypropylene trampoline fabric which is made in USA.
Safety: Non-slip rubber feet.
Weight: 4 to 16 kgs.
Packing: 1 pc/carton.
Advantages: Easy to assemble.
Can be used for aerobic workout and slimming in home.

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