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We began to manufacture trampolines from the Jump trampolines in 12 years ago. They were the best trampolines on market in 7 year ago until we put Elite and Pro trampolines into market. Now, they become standard trampolines.

A lot of manufacturers lower the quality in order to reduce the cost as much as possible. It is a dangerous way to do business of trampolines. We don't reduce the quality to burst our sales. We keep on using the good materials for our Jump trampolines, and put some advantages of Elite and Pro trampolines on them in order to improve the quality. Thus, our Jump trampolines is better than the standard trampolines on market. We think we can keep our customers longer than others by our good quality.

We have TUV/GS certificate for our Jump trampolines.

Size: Diameter 14ft, 12ft, 10ft and 8ft.

Heavy duty and high-strength galvanized steel pipe, galvanized both outside and inside.
Dia. 48mm x thickness 1.8mm.


4 legs.
Heavy duty and high-strength galvanized steel pipe, galvanized both outside and inside.
Dia. 38mm x thickness 1.5mm.

Frame & legs connection: Welded sockets
Frame Pad:

Thickness 2.5cm, Width 33cm.
The whole cover is made of high-density 500D PVC fabric.
Pad is constructed of closed cell EPE foam which is inside of cover.

Spring: Dia. 25mm x length 215mm
Dia. 25mm x length 180mm
Jumping mat: Super heavy duty polypropylene trampoline fabric with nice calender which is imported from USA.
The jumping mat with double sided reinfored circumference bands are sewn with 8 rows of heavy-duty thread.
Max user's weight: Up to 144kgs.
Advantages: Popular design.
Easy to assemble.
Approved by TUV/GS.

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