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Our company produced fitness products since we started the business. We still keep some items in production although we mainly manufacture trampoline products now. Our customers still order the following items from us because they are very satisfied with our quality.

Item: Mini stepper
Size: 41 x 32 x 35cm.
Frame: Steel pipe with powder coating.
Dia. 19mm x thickness 2.0mm.
30mm x 60mm x 1.5mm (thickness).
60mm x 60mm x 2.0mm (thickness).
Carton size: 32 x 17 x 42cm.
Net weight: 7.8kgs.
Gross weight: 8.3kgs.
Advantage: No-impact, high-intensity strength and cardio workout.
Built-in computer tracks time and steps.
Knob adjusts intensity.
Non-skid rubber feet and portable design.

Item: AB roller
Assembly size: 70 x 69.5 x 63.5cm.
Frame: Steel pipe with powder coating.
Dia. 25mm x thickness 1.0mm.
Carton size: 70 x 34 x 8cm.
Net weight: 2.5kgs.
Gross weight: 2.9kgs.
Advantage: The Ab Roller is an abdominal exercise equipment.
The user workouts with this equipment in the following way: The user places his head on the padded cushion which is supposed to help him support his neck, and keep it straight and hold the handle bar with both hands.

Item: Multi-functional weight bench
Assembly size: 170 x 136 x 107cm.
Frame: Steel pipe with powder coating.
45mm x 45mm x 1.5mm (thickness).
50mm x 50mm x 1.5mm (thickness).
Net weight: 29.2kgs.
Gross weight: 32.4kgs.
Carton size: 110 x 46 x 26cm.
Advantage: This bench focuses on the upper and lower abdominals as well as obliques.Sitting in a comfortable position with padded back support, the user can exercise without the strain on his lower back! He lifts his body using the back section and utilising his arms for support. The back section can be lowered into 4 section each focusing on different muscle groups for example the abdominal region. For an approximate of 3 mins a day, the user can have washboard abs that others will die for! Impress friends with a thinner waist line or a more toned stomach! With 4 different levels of resistance, the user can work his way up to the higher resistance.

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