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The frame of our hockey goal is made of galvanized steel pipes instead of normal steel pipes without galvanization. It makes our frame more durable in the weather. We also make coating outside the frame. Thus, the frame looks very nice and not dazzling under the sunshine. Our frame is more stable because the size and thickness of our steel pipe are bigger.

The net is made of UV inhibitor treated net material. They are tested for the most strict UV condition.

Item: Hockey goal
Size: 188 x 122 x 66cm.
137 x 112 x 53cm.
Frame: Galvanized steel pipe with powder coating.
Dia. 50.8mm x thickness 1.3mm.
Dia. 32mm x thickness 1.0mm.
Net: Durable UV inhibitor treated net in white colour.
Packing: 1pc/carton.

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