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As one of the first manufacturers of trampoline products in China, our company has been manufacturing trampoline products over 10 years. We have plenty of experiences in the production of trampolines.

We are specialized in the production of high quality trampolines. The high quality trampolines can guarantee the users' safety and provide more fun during their jumping. It is the reason that we keep on improving our trampolines and using good materials for our trampolines.

The quality of our trampolines is better a lot than others, and is one of the best in China. Our trampolines have following advantages comparing with others.

det-fram.jpg (15876 bytes) Galvanized frame
Our frames of trampolines are made of high-strength galvanized steel pipes with high-gauge wall. It is why our frame is stronger and more stable than others. Our frames are heavy-duty galvanized both outside and inside. It can prevent the frame from rust for a long time.
de-nut.jpg (12088 bytes) Snap nut
The legs and support bars are fixed by snap nuts. It makes the whole frame not only firmly fixed but also easy to set up. There will be no falling leg when the users move the trampoline to the other place.
det-tplt.jpg (13201 bytes) Reinforced T-plate
We weld 2 extra reinforced T-plates on each socket of Elite, Pro and Jump trampolines. It can reinforce the welding parts of trampoline surely.
det-pvc.jpg (13450 bytes) PVC fabric
Our frame pad is made of high-density and thick PVC fabric which is very strong and prevents the pad from tearing. We custom-make our PVC fabric with 500D mesh inside and anti-sliding pattern on the surface. The most important advantage of our fabric is super-long term anti-fading.
det-foam.jpg (12033 bytes) Closed-cell foam
We use closed-cell foam as filling of pad. It doesn't absorb water. The foam is made of new materials which is more durable than recycled materials.
det-eyel.jpg (13022 bytes) Hot-sealed eyelet
The eyelets at the bottom of our pad are hot-sealed. It can protect the frame from scratching and pad from tearing. The eyelets can last longer than steel eyelets.
det-spri.jpg (14162 bytes) Cone-compressed spring
The springs of our trampolines are made of high-quality special spring steel wire. Our big and thick springs can provide the users more bounce and better performance of jumping. They can bring more fun to the users.
det-jmat.jpg (17662 bytes) Jumping mat
Our jumping mats are made of top-quality trampoline fabric which is made in USA. The fabric has nice calender and high bearing ability.
det-web.jpg (12600 bytes) Reinfored circumference band
Our jumping mat is stitched with 2 reinforced circumference bands by 10 rows of heavy-duty thread on the top side and botton side of jumping mat. Thus, our jumping mat is more durable and nicer than others.

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